Saturday, January 17, 2015

There should not be a Seat Belt Law for Adult Drivers...

In my opinion, this is one of the most asinine, money-making driving laws known to man! Sure, one could say: "Seat belt tickets don't cost much; they care about your life, so you need to buckle up so you don't die in a wreck." LOL! What a load... For one, the seat belt law allows "officers" to pull you over for no apparent reason, hoping that they can fine/bill your wallet to death while making them look like super heroes bringing in money for their town. Speaking of that, maybe this is a small town thing, where there isn't much crime... Yeah, the seat belt saved my life going 22 miles per hour through town, but thanks for pulling me over so you could search my vehicle in hopes to find an old beer can I drank while installing my stereo 3 months ago! Yeah, there is no marijuana in my cigarette pack, so why are you looking in there for my seat belt violation? Ha!

Anyway, I have been pulled over so many times for a seat belt, that it isn't even funny. Out of those 17 times getting pulled over for a seat belt violation, I have only had 2 tickets for it, and one of those was dropped. However, I was searched thoroughly multiple times, including my vehicle and "no officer, that is not a gun, it just grew that way!" At any criminal rate, I could tell you so many ludicrous situations that involved the "I care about your safety crap," but I refuse to do so. I have even been pulled over before, during the middle of the night on a dark road, while the officer said, after searching my entire ride: "Well, it didn't appear you had your seat belt on, is why I pulled you over." Really? You can see in the dark on a backstreet without street lights soooo good, that you could tell that I didn't have my seat belt on even though I was already wearing it?" Simply amazing, I tell ya...

I can definitely see having a seat belt law for babies, small kids and young adults/teenagers, but not for grown adults 18+. It is fairly obvious to me that the "buckle up for safety thing" is one giant load of steaming dung, as it just adds leverage to the reasons to pull people over for no reason. The proof is in the pudding and I've seen it way too many times. Plus, are you that naïve that you actually believe that some group of random judicial strangers cares about your crazy adult life while driving down the road? Ha! Yeah, you'd find more love on the Jerry Springer show... Anyway, make sure you buckle up to TRY and avoid getting pulled over for no reason or, I mean, for safety, right?

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