Maybe it's a mix between silly semantics and certain historians that don't agree, but I've never understood how Christopher Columbus received the title for discovering America. For one, the place was already inhabited and had loads and loads of tribal folks and Native American Indians running around. Obviously, they discovered it way before his ass! Ha-ha! I mean seriously, it is like walking into a lively party (really late) that is already popping and jamming to music, then yelling out in front of the crowd upon your entry: "I've discovered this party!" LOL!

Other than that obvious flaw in semantics and actuality of the diction at hand, why do certain historians disagree? There are many books written about this. For example, one title of a book is called "They Came Before Columbus." Even the Vikings touched base in or around Newfoundland during the year 1000 A.D or thereabouts. I have read before that many humanoids reached the continent of America way before Columbus albeit things were not always documented very well, during those times. It has also been said that people from Asia reached America thousands of years before Columbus and in the book mentioned above, the guy claims that an African discovery of America happened before Christopher Columbus.

I really don't know who discovered America first, but since there were already people dwelling at the place who were partying like a rock star (while wearing paint and feathers), I can honestly say that Christopher Columbus was not the first. Ha!

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