Monday, February 16, 2015

Why the Tower of Pisa is Leaning

Of course, the Tower of Pisa was meant to be upright, straight up and down, vertical or however you want to say it. Yet, the dang thing is leaning and is an eyesore for many. However, some people think it's cool or whatever, but either way, this lean has made the tower famous nonetheless. Every time I see this tower, I think of the Superman movie I seen as a kid, where the guy was painting a picture of this tower on a canvas, and about the time he would nearly be done, Superman would move it from crooked to straight, then back to crooked after he started painting it as a straight tower. Ha!

Anyway, one may ask: Why is it leaning? By what I've read in the past, soon after its construction it started leaning to the southeast, due to inadequate foundations and loose subsoil. There was a big delay in the construction from this point, and during this time everything settled and the foundation became less precarious and somewhat stable. When the construction finally resumed, they tried to fix the tilt by building the floors taller on one side. Well, the tower then started to lean the other direction. LOL! The leaning started to increase during the '60s, and after some architectural enhancements and the use of counterweights, they finally declared that the Tower of Pisa stopped moving in 2008. Hey, don't sneeze around it; ha!

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