Friday, July 3, 2015

Ventless Gas Heaters increase moisture in home...

This is something I found out a few years ago. At first, I found it hard to believe because I have always heard that gas heat will dry out the air. Yeah, well, that is for the old-style gas heaters that have a vent, flute, chimney, etc. The ventless version is a bit different. Yes, they are more efficient, as they don't waste any heat or air during the heating process, but they do increase the moisture in your home. There is a simple solution for this, but first, you may be wondering why it would matter. Well, if you use ventless gas heaters as your primary heat source, you will end up with excessive amounts of moisture and if you have a cold winter and use a lot more gas, this prolonged time of high moisture content, can cause mold problems in your home, for example. And mold is sneakier than you may think, trust me. Mold doesn't just grow out in the open for you to see or remove it, as it often develops behinds things. In fact, I've even seen it growing in drywall, behind the walls. The other thing I don't like about ventless gas heaters, is their oxygen consumption. The old fashion gas heaters use outside air, and do not effect the oxygen level in your home.

On a good note, I do like the fact that all gas heaters, whether they are ventless or not, don't require electricity to operate. In my opinion, ventless gas heaters should only be used as backup heaters or as a supplemental heat source. Plus, I was told that once, by a guy that worked at a gas company. Even he recommended the vented ones for a primary heat source. To read more about this, visit:

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