Sunday, September 13, 2015

What's up with the latest Sriracha Hot Sauce Craze?

Has anybody else noticed this latest food condiment craze? It is sriracha this, sriracha that; add a dash here, a pile there, dip that into some hot sriracha, squirt the red rooster sauce on this, etc. Hell, they even make sriracha chips and french fries now. Actually, I've tried the fries before and they were really good.

At any fiery rate, this hot sauce isn't bad, but I don't get what all the hoopla & ballyhoo is about. It is just red chili peppers (or red jalapenos) mixed with a bit of sugar, salt, garlic, and vinegar, more or less. I know that most great hot sauces are relatively simple to make and generally consist of very few ingredients, but this one seems to be gaining a little extra steam in the U.S. lately.

Here's a quote from another website that spoke highly of this particular condiment craze: "Although Sriracha sauce (a.k.a. "rooster sauce") has only been on the scene since the 1980s, it is quickly taking the culinary world by storm. Its flavor is unique, addictive, and wildly versatile." Source =

Personally, I'd like the rooster sauce better if they left the garlic off. Garlic can make some foods taste better, but it seems to conflict with the yummy pepper taste, in my opinion. The added sugar is a plus, though. I think it would be best if the sriracha hot sauce was mixed with ketchup and used as a dipping sauce replacement for certain foods (seafood, fries, etc.) Overall, I'd still give it a decent rating, but it just seems to be a bit overrated. Perhaps it's the name that's fueling most of the fire. I guess it sounds more cool to say "pass the Sriracha" as opposed to saying "hand me the hot sauce." I dunno...

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  1. Side Note: After buying a bottle of this stuff, it has sat in my fridge for several months now. It seems that the only time I use Sriracha sauce (instead of traditional hot sauce) anymore is when I'm putting the finishing touches on the burgers I fry occasionally. Just as I'm about to put some hot pepper cheese on the sizzling (already done) patties, I will squirt a good bit of Sriracha on one side of 'em, then place the cheese on top of it, cut the stove off, and let it all melt together. Now, that is one particular use from rooster sauce that I can actually say is very tasty and actually enhances the flavor of what I'm eating. As for what's up with this ongoing sriracha hot sauce craze, it's still up for debate; ha!