This is an interesting little gadget for the lazy fisherman; ha! This automatic fishing reel supposed to be great for bank fishing or if you are fishing from a boat, kayak, dock, ice or even a jug. After you bait this thing up, tie it around a tree or anchor it to whatever surrounds you and go on with your business. Hey, who said fishing required you to actually do the fishing? LOL! The automatic reel supposed to hold the fish after it is hooked. I think it even reels the fish in several feet, going by some of the reviews. Speaking of that, this little device surprisingly had good reviews. I assumed it was some cheap automatic fishing reel (some people call it a "Fishing Yo-Yo"), but since it costs over 30 dollars, maybe not.

It was amusing to read some of its other uses, too, such as: it can be used as a clothesline, duck decoy retriever, small animal snare, and so on. This may be a good addition to your camping supplies, bait/tackle boxes, survival kits and whatnot. Plus, it might be a great gift idea if you have a lot of hard-to-shop-for redneck friends; ha! Oh, one of the reviews mentioned that you may need to bring some extra rope, if you have to secure this item around a limb or tree. Anyway, I thought I'd share this cool product today; cheers!

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