It wasn't too long ago, on a political forum/page (of all places), that some clown introduced theoretical physics into a debate about socialism. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine, but somehow or another, they were trying to prove that Einstein wasn't right for being a socialist? Honestly, I don't even get into politics very often, nor do I even know what a socialist even is. In fact, I shy from political debates more than I would a religious debate, any day of the week. However, when somebody says that so-in-so is an expert in "theoretical physics," what are you really saying? Oh, I get it, you forgot what it means to play with numbers/math and currently trending scientific theories to dream up anything you want, while being under the title of a "theoretical physicist."

True, the common definition for this math-magical career is a branch of physics which employs mathematical models and abstractions of physical objects and systems to rationalize, explain and predict natural phenomena. Of course, this odd career is definitely in contrast with more realistic stuff like "experimental physics," just saying. In a thumbnail, they rely on mainstream theories and mathematics to add to, just like many folks have, an existing imagination. What's the big deal here? Do they not get too much credit or what? I mean seriously, the French Fry guy at McDonald's can take a few hits of LSD and say things that often relate to quantum mechanics. Lets just say, that even most Buddhists speak of things that at least semi-relate to the theory of quantum entanglement and I really doubt that most of them spent years in college studying silly theories of our existence, for example.

I also find it funny, that during, yet another trending theory called the "string theory," that they have to add a certain amount of dimensions for the math to work. What? Are you telling me that we must have 11 dimensions (or whatever they say now) just so your math can work on paper just so you can complete your totally non-provable theory, and I suppose to take you seriously? Good grief, just because the History Channel or some science website airs your baloney, doesn't mean that I should succumb to your asininity, right? In fact, I think some of these chaps that think they are brainstorming cosmic scenarios while fictitiously claiming to have a divine/scientific epiphany during the process, would be much more credit-worthy if they just dropped the mathematics and currently trending theories, and do more like the local bum down the road does, after a few hits of something that he smokes, drinks, takes, or whatever. At least it will be more genuine... Ha!

In conclusion, does having those extra letters, names & titles beside your name, really mean anything - when you are claiming to unravel the properties of the universe during the process? I think not... LOL!

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