Monday, January 19, 2015

New Throwaway / Peel-Away Bed Sheets

Side Note:  I originally wrote this post 11 months ago, February 21, 2014, on another blogging site.

Yes folks, there is a new product line coming out for the lazy, oops, I mean for the ones that can't be bothered with washing their bed sheets. It is a 7-layer throwaway product, better described as the peel-away sheets. "Just peel off the ew and sleep in the new" is the tag line of AfreSHeet. If you'd like to read from the source, go here:

I wouldn't hardly call this an invention, but they seem to think that the hassle of changing your bed sheets is especially troublesome for college students, etc. These particular throwaway fabric sheets have a waterproof coating to preserve underneath layers, and they did mention that the material is recyclable. Ha! I really wonder how many people are going to rush to the nearest recycling bin after they get done peeling off a new layer?

Some people may think this is a fantastic idea, but I just don't get it. Washing the sheets on your bed isn't like some daunting task. The washer and dryer does most of the work, and all you do is pull 'em off and then put them back on after they dry. Is the traditional method too much work? With this new peel-away product, you can be lazy 7 consecutive times before having to buy more throwaway bed sheets. Wow! The only break-through I see here is the marketing savvy; promote laziness and make big financial gains from it! I would never buy this crap!

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  1. I found this post by searching to see if there really was such a thing. I heard somebody talking about this silly crap at work and couldn't believe it was actually true. That is just flat out being super lazy!!! Well that or being a spoiled little wasteful brat! I mean, who in their right mind would even think about needing new sheets every few days? Peel-away bed sheets are the new throwaway thing? People need to get real!

  2. Absolutely! I felt very similar when I first read about this asinine subject nearly 2 years ago. Yeah, what will they think of next? Peel-away underwear or throwaway bath towels? Ha-ha!