Well, this has been amusing... I have been trying to sort out some of the title confusion concerning Bruce Lee movies, and it was somewhat entertaining to read a few blog posts on the glorious Inter~webs that obviously didn't know the difference from Bruce Lee and Bruce Li. I say that because some clown, for example, constructed a blog post entitled "Bruce Lee's Top 10 Movies." LOL! This is hilarious, especially considering he only made 5 movies! The other 5 that were listed were not even his films nor was he even in the shoddy flicks. A couple of them were just those cheap attempts from the '80s where they would use random Bruce Lee clips during a film to fill in some blanks while having a so-called look-alike character playing the main role. To make matters worse, the look-alike didn't look anything like Bruce Lee; ha!

As for the title confusion, some of this is understandable. His first movie was called "The Big Boss" and "Fists of Fury." His 2nd film was called "The Chinese Connection" and "Fist of Fury" and "The Iron Hand." His 3rd film was called "Return of the Dragon" and "Way of the Dragon." That is the one where he fought Chuck Norris. They did get his 4th film correct, as it was entitled "Enter the Dragon." That was by far his most popular movie. Bruce Lee never finished the 5th movie he was working on, since he died, but he did get a lot of the fight scenes done. They later pieced it together and made a movie out of it called "Game of Death." That was the one where he fought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia, to show how some of the confusion started: "When The Big Boss was being prepared for American distribution, it was to be retitled The Chinese Connection. The title of Lee's second film, Fist of Fury, was to be identical, except for being Fists of Fury. However, the titles were accidentally reversed. The Big Boss was released as Fists of Fury and Fist of Fury became The Chinese Connection." You can read more about that, here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Boss

Anyway, is this nuts or what? I was going to describe in more detail about his 5 martial arts flicks, but after reading about all of this title confusion, I think I'm now confused... Ha-ha!

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