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Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Water: Hyped Up or Real Threat?

 Original Post Date: February 25, 2014

There has been a lot of talk on the Internet about Fukushima's radioactive ocean water during the last several months, yet many of the so-called experts are yet to throw in the red flag or the caution signs as they all seem to think that it's still safe. Is this all getting hyped up by the Internet or is it a real threat? As most of you should know, tons and tons of radiation leaked into the Pacific Ocean a while back due to Japan's leaking Fukushima nuclear power plant. As a reminder, I just read that it has now reached waters off the shore of Canada, as stated here: [link is no longer active]

Does anybody want to stock up on tuna fish and any other type of seafood from the Pacific before it's too late? Well, I must say, regardless of the fact that high doses of radiation is never good for the human body - especially your thyroid gland - I can't rule out the hype. I've seen so much crap explode and propagate online that was so far from the truth, it wasn't even funny. Since we are obviously dealing with radioactive ocean water, the question still remains: Will the Pacific Ocean be big enough to dilute this crap? Experts continue to say yes, but I'll be fair and provide a couple YouTube links that don't seem to think so, then another one that involves the fish constantly being checked, yet they haven't had a radioactive seafood problem as of now.

* [link is no longer active]
* [link is no longer active]

As of now, the ones that are supposedly 'in the know' are saying that the radiation levels will be too low in the ocean to have any real negative impact on human health, but who do you believe? The hype or the threats?

Side Note: South Korea has recently become the first country to ban Japanese fish and seafood imports!

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  1. Is anybody's toes glowing in the dark from eating too much tuna and/or seafood from the Pacific Ocean yet? Well, it has been a couple of years since the radioactive water from Fukushima's leaking nuclear power plant spilled into the ocean. As for the question of whether or not this was a real threat or if it was hyped up, it still isn't for certain. It has to be a threat, of course, but to what degree? I guess we will know for sure, eventually... A lot of the fish from that radioactive area that they use for canned goods should be getting sold now in stores, especially the ones with a long shelf life - like tuna fish, for example.

    Maybe we need to limit our consumption of those type of foods for a couple of years and stock up on selenium and other powerful antioxidants that help protect against radiation damage to our cells???