When I hear the word 'detox', I normally think of people getting off of drugs and/or alcohol. I also think about those people that go through periodic "cleanses" and try to flush their system out while drinking lots of water, eating fruits, etc. However, when I hear the phrase "digital detox," I can't help but laugh. I mean, there really is a lot of people out there that are addicted to their cell phones and/or electronic devices. My main electronic addiction is this glowing contraption I'm staring at right now (my desktop computer), but can you imagine how free you'd feel if you went on a digital detox?

We live in a techno world, when concerning most non-tribal areas of the world, etc. So, I understand that going through a digital detox would be really hard unless you either got thrown into the jungle, stayed in the middle of a desert or inside of a cave, and so on. I mean, even the Penguins in Antarctica have laptops; ha! Anyway, I happened to think of this, when I heard some girl on TV telling this other lady about her cell phone addiction and how she needs to go on a digital detox. I then looked it up online to see how many folks have wrote about this, and CNN had an article about some Yoga company that offers these services. You can find that page, here: www.cnn.com/2012/11/29/travel/digital-detox/

It was sort of funny, watching people doing yoga while trying to go "cold turkey" from their mindless gadgets. LOL! How about you? Have you ever thought about a digital detox? Personally, since I don't watch much television and my main source of electric entertainment is the computer, I'll pass on this type of detox. But, I must say, when I was a kid I either stayed in the woods or at the creeks or out in the yard, and I had so much fun all the time. So really, when I think about this, it doesn't sound like a bad idea...

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