Sunday, January 25, 2015

Human performs the Vulcan Mind-meld on Rat

Well, I just read some interesting science news. I can't really say much at the moment, other than the fact that I'm never surprised anymore with how much money is wasted on certain senseless research and scientific projects. Nonetheless, this one is sure to bring out the science-fiction buffs. I like the original series Star Trek, and anybody that knows very much about that series will be familiar with Spock and the Vulcan mind-meld. You know, it is where he puts his hand on the other person's head and reads their thoughts. Yeah, sort of like 2nd stage telepathy... If you need a refreshment for what the Vulcan mind-meld is, visit:

Anyway, a group of researchers at Harvard University have created the first noninvasive brain-to-brain interface between a human and, uh, a rat. While reading about this crazed project, they said that by thinking the appropriate thought, the BBI allows the human to control the rat’s tail. Wow! Such a breakthrough! LOL!
At any insane rate, before you comment on this post, you may want to first check out this story in full detail, here:

Is that nuts or what? If this type of stuff succeeds and/or advances to a much higher stage of progress, can you imagine what uses it could have if there was human to human action taking place? Yeah, there could definitely be ethical issues here, to say the least. At any rate, I wonder how much money it cost to hook up all that fancy equipment and test over and over while trying to get a human to pervade a rat's brain. At least the study involved an intelligent species, which was the rat, by the way. Ha! Just kidding, well, I think...
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