Saturday, January 17, 2015

Norton Anti-Virus Price vs. McAfee [vs. AVG]

Well, I've had the Norton Anti-Virus software protection package for several years on my computer, but I finally had to drop them a few days ago. The sole reason was because it just flat out costs too much money for my liking. For some reason, although I had the auto-renew feature activated and paid it every year, the price slowly went up all the time and/or basically each year.
The last year I somehow got enrolled into Norton One protection, whatever the big whoop is there. Anyway, regular price is nearly 150 bucks, but the sale price is about 100 dollars and it covers multiple devices, computers and other crap I don't need. I cancelled them.
So, to make a short story even shorter, I went to the McAfee Anti-Virus website and got a plan for one computer for 25 dollars. I only visit so many websites anyway, and figured it was worth saving 75 dollars! Is it any better or worse than Norton? I have no idea. As long as it covers Viruses and Malware, Trojans, etc., I'm fine with paying a lower price. If you know of any better deals for anti-virus protection, feel free to clue me in; cheers!

Side Note:  This short post was originally posted elsewhere and within the comment field it garnered several comments.  Some of those comments mentioned that there were several sites online that offered free Anti-Virus protection.  Dang, next year I may drop McAfee, even though it was way more affordable than Norton, and be on the lookout for some free stuff; ha!

Image Credit: AVG Anti-Virus Internet Security 2015 product image using the 'free to use & share' function via the Bing search engine.

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  1. Update: Well, once my McAfee ran out and it was time to renew for another year, the price doubled! Yeah, just like the Norton Anti-Virus crap. So, this year I decided to try a free service for now called "AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2015." It had decent reviews, so maybe this will solved by monetary dilemma with this dang expensive programs I've been buying all these years. Cheers!

  2. I was just browsing over some old posts on this blog and happened to notice some major typos in my last comment above. I meant to say, "It had decent reviews, so maybe this will solve my monetary dilemma with these dang expensive programs that I've been buying all these years."

    At any rate, I'm still using the free edition of the AVG Anti-Virus and it seems to still do the job (for what I need) with a zero price tag, for now. To hell with Norton and McAfee, is all I gotta say... LOL!