Saturday, January 17, 2015

Should Car Insurance be a Law?

This is actually a highly debatable topic, and I can definitely see both sides to the argument, but I'll get to that in a minute. Anyway, I was online searching what other people thought about this subject, and it is definitely heated - to say the least! This popped into my enlarged head earlier, when I was checking my PayPal balance this morning, and noticed that it was almost equivalent to my 6 month Liability Insurance bill for my freakin' ride - that is due next week! Yeah, I can't wait to celebrate my recent online earnings by way of buying more car insurance... Hurray! Hurrah! If I ever get my flying saucer fixed, they can forget about it; ha!

Now, back to the main subject... In a way, I don't think it should be mandatory or a law that states that you have to buy car insurance or else. I've had my parked car hit before by a person that didn't have insurance, and my insurance paid for my ride (I had full coverage, at the time). They just took it out of her ass, most likely. Either way, her lack of responsibility didn't affect me. The problems start if, using this example, she didn't have any insurance and I only had liability insurance to cover the other people/property damage, etc. What would I have done? I mean, she might not have liked my idea of compensation for my damaged vehicle, nor would she have most likely offered to pay for it out-of-pocket. Things could have got ugly.

On the other hand, if everybody was made to have, at the very minimum, Liability Insurance, we wouldn't have these problems. Another example in favor of why it shouldn't be a law, is if somebody lives extremely close to work, only drives direct trips in a small town with minor traffic, and needs to skip a few months on Insurance because they simply can't afford it and are living check-by-check. I know, that is a sad excuse, but it does seem odd that a human being couldn't "risk it" if they needed to. Sometimes people have to take chances.

In my state, there is a Law that requires everybody to have insurance to be road legal. To me, something just doesn't feel right about it, but like I said before, I can see both sides. I'm curious how many of y'all feel about this issue. Personally, I'm going to moan and groan and pay my damn liability car insurance next week, and hope I don't ever have to use it!

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