Sunday, February 1, 2015

Can you buy Sinkhole Insurance?

I heard the other day that if you own a home and it falls into a sinkhole, that they will not cover it even if you have house insurance. WTF? Can you buy sinkhole insurance? LOL! Actually, you can...

In a way, it sounds sort of silly. I mean, you'd think House Insurance would cover everything. The last place I lived, the home owners were required to purchase flood insurance in addition to their regular house insurance if they were still paying on the loan for their home. With that being said, some areas have other additional plans for stuff like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. However, I've never really thought about sinkhole insurance before. These things can happen anywhere, apparently. I wonder if this applies to car insurance as well? No, surely not... I say that because I've also heard of cars getting trapped inside sinkholes while driving down the road. Anyway...

I was reading about this topic last night and there seems to be a lot of information on the Internet about this subject. I even seen a couple silly how-to "articles" out there about this type of insurance. I mean, who needs to read a how-to page about getting sinkhole insurance? They both had 3 steps listed, followed with some superfluous, vacuous details. It was like: 1) Contact the insurance agent 2) Identify the coverage terms and conditions 3) Pay the premium. Ha-ha! Really? Thanks for that useless how-to advice!

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