Monday, February 16, 2015

First Human Burials for Spiritual or Secular reasons?

This is somewhat of an odd query. I've never really gave it much thought before, but it is interesting to ponder. I wonder if the first human burials were for spiritual reasons or if the act itself was totally for secular (non-sacred) reasons? While digging back for some factoids, I see that a good bit of evidence suggests that the Neanderthals were the first human species to practice the art of burials. However, some people think that intentional burials started even before the Neanderthals, back when the Homo Heidelbergensis existed. Many of those very same people, that date this process further back, also speculate that these humanoid creatures simply buried their dead for secular reasons - like to keep additional wildlife from wandering into their area/camp.

For contrast, the image I used for this post is demonstrating a "sky burial." Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea to show another type of burial ceremony that doesn't involve digging any holes in the ground. Personally, I don't give this stuff much weight. Whether you are shredded into space manure and ejected out of a spaceship while in deep space or you are cremated or buried deep underground in a gold casket, it won't affect what may or may not await thee. LOL!

Image Credit: Bing Image Search using the 'free to use & share' function.

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