Monday, February 16, 2015

How did the Moon form?

This is a short, two-part post about our beloved Moon.  First of all, how did it form?

Nobody really knows for sure, but it is a fun question! Is it really made of cheese? Did the Moon arrive via Divine Consciousness? Is our Moon really an ancient spaceship? Ha! The leading and trending theories say NO. I suppose the collision theory is the current leader, but opinions vary. They think that while the proto-Earth was churning with the rest of our Solar System, that a large, Mars-like object slammed into Earth. From there, the debris, due to gravity, came together to form the proto-Moon. Then, the aliens built a spaceship on the far-side of this celestial body. LOL! Okay, I just made that last part up.

Other theories involve "the sister theory" and "the fission theory" and "the capture theory." I guess I could go about explaining those, but why bother? Well, in a thumbnail, the capture theory is just basically saying that the Moon formed elsewhere and was later trapped and/or captured by Earth's gravitational pull. The fission theory is trying to imply that the proto-earth fragmented and split apart during formation. The sister theory is that the Moon and the Earth formed separately but within the same time and place.

As you can see, we really have no idea. Well, I'm pretty sure it isn't made of cheese! Ha! Then again, some people on LSD may say that a massive galactic spaceship drug the Moon to us by a long cosmic chain. LOL! Does anybody else have any theories out there?

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Part 2: "The Moon is slowly drifting away from Earth"

Ahh, this is such a mysterious celestial object... Is the Moon receding from Earth? Yeah, it is slowly drifting away, but it is nothing for us to fear. The last estimation I have heard, was roughly 1.5 inches per year. I've heard of a distance slightly less and slightly more, but either way it is a minuscule amount of space. I'm sure many of you were aware of this factoid, but I just threw that out there just in case. A few years ago it was like common trivia: "Hey, did you know the moon is drifting away from Earth?" Ha-ha! Like this is something we should celebrate and rejoice.

If you buy into the collision theory, the Moon used to be a lot closer to us and has been receding from Earth, for many years. What I find the most interesting by far, is that we live in the perfect time at the perfect distance to where we can have solar and lunar eclipses. Is that neat or what? Several thousands and thousands of years ago, this most likely would have not been possible. I better stop there or else I'll start sounding like a flaming proponent for the Anthropic Principle. LOL!

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