Monday, February 9, 2015

Human Frog Baby & Other Genetic Defects

I was reading through a bunch of comments on some guy's article that was having some silly religious debate, and one of the guys on that page was talking about people with any type of beliefs that involve a higher power, must have mental defects. I thought "defects," this guy evidently doesn't know what defects are. So, I dropped down and shared a link with him that pointed to the human frog baby, to give him a better idea of how things can be a little worse than their futile religious debates. Anyway, the human frog baby didn't live very long, as it died about 30 minutes after its birth. A quoted comment on the page I'm about to link to, said "the baby has a condition called anencephaly, a neural tube defect, with no proper brain formation. That's why women are advised to take folate in early pregnancy."

Well, you can read more about these bizarre genetic defects, some more freaky than others, here:

There's some crazy-looking images on that page, so you might not want to view 'em if it's close to meal time, just saying. Besides the human frog baby, they showed a guy with a long tail, a Cyclops baby (one eye on its forehead), a person with a monstrous hand, some lady that was born with backwards feet, a baby with 3 arms, and some person that had a nipple at the bottom of their foot. Yeah, saying the images looked rather odd, is an understatement, let me tell ya!

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