Friday, July 3, 2015

Muscle Memory: Strength Training

On occasions, I like to re-research old topics to see what all has changed over the years and/or how much incorrect crap is being published now, etc. I was recently searching for a seemingly age-old topic called "muscle memory," and I was a little surprised to find out that this subject now commonly gets confused with 'motor learning' skills. When I use the terms muscle memory, I'm referring to strength training, not fundamental motor skills and procedural memory processes found within our subconscious minds. Sure, I guess you could call things like crawling, walking, riding a bike, etc., "muscle memory," but that means nothing to somebody that is involved in strength training. Even some of the ones online who are properly accrediting this phenomenon correctly, are acting like this is some recently discovered thing; ha-ha!

The primary concepts behind true muscle memory, is when the subconscious mind, brain, whatever, remembers all the months and months and/or years of training that you have ever endured, no matter if it's aerobic or for increased strength and muscle mass. The benefit of such, for example, is a person that has lifted weights for 10 years. Then, that very same person has a long layoff for, say, 3 years. Well, that particular person can start strength training again and gain muscle mass and strength much more quicker than the average person who has very little weight-training experience. Yeah, that's pretty cool, eh?

This subject popped into my head a few days ago, when I was listening to somebody stress-out over not working out for a few weeks. I told them that you usually don't lose any muscle tissue after the first couple of weeks from not working out, unless you just quit eating. I also mentioned to them about muscle memory and said that if they have trained for a lengthy period of time, your body will remember and quickly try to get you back to where you were - before the layoff. Of course, factors like aging and hormone levels can work against you, regardless of your muscle memory, but it's an interesting subject nonetheless.

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