Friday, July 3, 2015

Wind Turbines for your Home - Free Electricity?

I was browsing through an outdoor/sporting goods type of catalog earlier today when I came across an interesting product for home use. It was a Nature Power brand that was selling Wind Turbines for free electricity. Yeah, nothing is free, let me tell ya; ha!

Anyway, they suppose to provide you with "extra juice" for your home or perhaps even meet all of your power requirements if you were a loner that was stuck in a remote area. The first one they were selling wasn't very powerful. The thing was rated at 400 watts with a monthly energy output at 12 mph of only 38 kWh. Well, okay, this must be close to free, right? Nope. Even this little baby wind turbine costs nearly 400 dollars! Wow, this really blows me away!

The second one illustrated in the catalog looked fairly impressive. It boasted about its maintenance-free design that would provide years and years of free service. This one was rated at 2,000 watts with a monthly energy output at 12 mph of 350 kWh. Hey, they said that was about 37% of the average household consumption. Not bad, I'll just buy three of these "free electricity" thingies just to be safe. Oh, they are over $2,000 dollars each and, well, the inverter is sold separately at nearly 200 bucks each.

Okay, so I can buy 3 separate wind turbines for about six thousand and five hundred dollars, plus another 5 or 6 hundred dollars for the inverters. From there, I should have enough free electricity for my home by only spending $7,000 dollars total! LOL! But hey, after 4 or 5 years of using 'em, the electricity would then become free. That is, if the damn things really did hold up to the test of time. Hmm...

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