Friday, July 3, 2015

Punching Bag: Human Dummy

I don't know how many of y'all have pent-up frustrations or need something to punch from time to time, but if so, these human-shaped punching bags are a decent target. These dummy targets are fairly expensive, though, but they are a good alternative to the traditional heavy bags if you don't have a strong enough ceiling to hang one from, that is. More commonly known as BOB (Body Opponent Bag), the XL version is the way to go. Expect to pay about 350 dollars or more, but that is still cheaper than what the doctor bill would be if you continuously beat a person like you would this human dummy and/or punching bag mannequin.

The one I bought a few months ago is standing in the corner of my garage right now. I like it in the corner because if you have very much power at all, BOB will move around quite a bit. Since I had a couple extra vests, I ended up putting a weighted vest on this human-shaped punching bag to add some additional stability. You will also have to fill the base with 270 pounds of either sand or water. I elected to fill it with water, since I wasn't by the beach with free sand available, but you can purchase some of that, I'm sure. Now, since I used water to fill mine, I may have a problem when it gets cold this winter. I'm not sure how the hard plastic base will react if it freezes and expands, but something tells me that the outcome may not be favorable. Which is probably why they recommended it for indoor use only; oops!

Overall, I'm satisfied with my human-shaped punching bag dummy, but I do wish the thing was a bit heavier so it didn't move around so much. Of course, while buying this thing, I ended up buying extra stuff to go with it like boxing gloves, weighted gloves, another weighted vest, etc. Well, if you're into this type of sport or style of working out, you may want to check it out. I just posted this in case there are people out there that hasn't heard of this but are interested in such things. Some people claim to also use this target for martial arts and kicks, as well, but I only use it for boxing moves, punches, etc.

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