Friday, July 3, 2015

Speed Bag Training is Useless

Yes, you heard that right... Sure, it is fun, but speed bag training is practically useless when it comes to boxing and/or building strength & endurance. I thought I'd quickly write about this also, since I just finished a post concerning human-shaped punching bags. Anyway, I used to own a big stand a long while back that had both the heavy bag and the speed bag. Well, the water-filled heavy bag was fun until it busted and pounds and pounds of water started gushing out into the floor, but that's another story that I don't care to talk about today. The speed bag was also cool, except I couldn't help but notice how pointless and useless it was.

For one, most people use terrible form when hitting the speed bag. Most people, including myself, end up looking like some retarded jackass while throwing numerous sideward hammer fists into the bag in a speedy, capricious fashion. Well, some folks might think it looks great, but I'm talking in a MMA or Boxing sense. At any rate, that is the common way people generally use this bag. You don't really improve your timing like some claim, either, as it is more or less like tap dancing with your hands. I find the whole process to be super easy and useless as it doesn't improve any aspect of your body. A person would be better off shadow boxing with weighted gloves, for example, as opposed to using the speed bag training method. Other than just doing it for fun, the only thing it is good for is when you use it as a cool down exercise toward the end of your workout, but you can walk around aimlessly for that; ha!

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