I was recently talking to somebody online within a comment section, and Indie Book Publishing was brought up. The comment field was full of hilarity and utter garbage, but that is besides the point. This particular individual follows a pseudo-scientific belief system that is rejected by the scientific community. However, to prove that anybody can write a book now and sell it on Amazon, he used the Indie publishing option. If you are wondering, Indie is short for 'independence' or 'independent'... This option is good if you want to skip all the steps and waiting that people have to endure when publishing a book the traditional way.

A person could wait their entire life for some big lump sum from a major publisher, and the Indie Book Publishing method can help get your content into the marketplace so there will be a much better chance you will gain a following, readers, etc. Personally, I've never even thought about publishing a book, but I have heard about the rejections people often get when submitting their work to professional publishing companies. Actually, after reading some of the small samples from a few of them, I can see why; ha-ha!

Anyway, I'm not an affiliate with any publishing company, but if you'd like to read more about this subject, go here: www.findyourpublisher.com/indie_book_publishing/ [Link is no longer active]

E-books sell for really cheap nowadays, thanks to the Kindle and whatever else they have now. I'm not sure what would be your best route, but it does seem that hardback books are slowly becoming a thing of the past. At any literary rate, I just thought I'd provide this resource link, in case anybody was curious about additional options for becoming a published author (I'm not talking about a blogger, etc.).

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