Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mind Uploading & Cybernetics

To many folks, the concept behind 'mind uploading' is definitely a far-fetched notion. I once posted this subject within a Q & A section on another website and received a very limited amount of responses, to say the least. You will usually have 3 different camps for this query: 1) You will have the spiritual group that is against this idea because the body is like a vessel for our consciousness, soul, and whatnot. 2) You will have the proponents of cybernetics that claim mind uploading and/or downloading a complete mind into a machine will be possible in the distant future. 3) You will always have the good ol' "I couldn't care less" people.

I'm not even going to try and define the term cybernetics, but mainly because cybernetics can't even define cybernetics. LOL! Seriously, there are currently 13+ definitions for that term on Wikipedia, for example.

I don't know if this is true or not, but I once had a person tell me that current science predicts this technology will emerge around 2065. He went on to mention about how we are just a bunch of chemicals and electrical impulses (haven't we all heard that before) that could easily be replicated into a computer. Ha-ha! Personally, I really doubt if they will ever create a sentient robot that replicates an emotional, semi-rational human being with common sense and imagination.

Brain Emulation / Mind Uploading is a hypothetical process that states the mind transfer will involve copying a conscious mind to a non-biological system or computational device. Some people really have a lot of faith in this, but do you think it is possible? I mean, Microsoft can't even make their computer devices glitch free, so how in the hell are the scientists going to create a cyborg, sentient robot, etc., via cybernetics that absolutely mimics a human being without any errors? Ha-ha!

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