Friday, March 13, 2015

Quantum Hypnotic Regression Therapy

I think this may be properly called, uh, uh, I don't know what it is properly called! Some folks just simply call it "past life regression" and many others refer to it as "quantum healing hypnosis therapy." However, on another website, I had a guy comment with a somewhat unrelated remark on an article about zero point energy by saying that he is going to go get some "quantum hypnotic regression therapy" for three days and that he will most likely write about the experience.

This is cool and, if this stuff really works, it would be interesting to hear about his results! I know, I know... This expensive therapy sounds about as outlandish and fraudulent as "quantum jumping," but just relax. Unless you are the one wasting the money on it, why hate upon the experience? Whether you are seeking answers about your current life, past life, future lives, your extraterrestrial lives, parallel lives or another existence from a different dimension, this overpriced quantum hypnotic regression therapy (or whatever you call it) may be just for you! On a side note, I think they also suppose to deal with some type of physical healing, as well.

Since I'm an ET from another world, the concept of reincarnation is about as mundane as what these Earth people call gossip. What I find the most hilarious about all of this, though, is that so many Homo sapiens from this lovely blue water planet often feel the need to slap a 'quantum' label on so many things, just for the authoritative effect and/or scientific acceptance. I think some people can say anything after the word 'quantum' and gain an audience with the utmost attention. Hey, look at my quantum verbiage from this quantified bubble of quantitative diction. See what I mean? LOL!

At any quantifiable rate, let's expand our consciousness into broader horizons of discovery that involves only one limit known to man . . . Your wallet! Ha-ha! Okay, well, I hope that I have conveyed the point that I was originally trying to make. Don't get me wrong, I think this type of junk is noteworthy to some degree, but I'm not going to be paying people loads of cash to help me discover my own life/lives. Good grief, I thought that was what taxes were for!

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