Sunday, March 8, 2015

Raining Diamonds on Planet Uranus and Neptune

This is actually a fairly old subject, although many people still have never heard of this. I know they have published stuff about this way back in 1999, maybe even before, but I also recently read a newer version, as well. Then again, it is not that uncommon to run across regurgitated verbiage online, so maybe it was just another spun article; ha!

Anyway, many people don't take too kindly to this subject. I mean, when I go up to somebody and say: "It is raining diamonds on Uranus!" They look at me like I'm crazy and generally say something odd like, "I don't have money coming out of my backside; you're nuts!" and walk off. Some people are just weird, but that is besides the point.

This easy-to-understand concept is simply based on the fact that high amounts of methane can turn into diamonds when it encounters extremely high pressures and temperatures, sort of like the ones found inside Neptune and Planet Uranus. It would be coming down on these planets sort of like hail does on this one, going by what I have read. Has anyone been down there and seen it for their selves? No, but if we ever find a way to get our greedy mitts on these rocks, you can bet the price of diamonds will plummet here on Earth due to supply & demand. I wouldn't plan on it anytime soon, though, as they haven't even found an effective way to mine asteroids for resources without it costing way more than what it is worth, but all of that could change in due time.

Well, I just thought this was a semi-interesting topic, and figured I'd share this with the community here. I would write more about this peculiar subject, but my fingertips are currently sore from all of my random & rigorous writing endeavors that has permeated various areas of cyber-space.

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  1. It was funny today when I was reading an article on MSN entitled "2 Moons found hiding within the rings of Uranus." Think about how funny that statement sounds . . . Ha-ha!