Sunday, March 1, 2015

UFO Sightings increased around the time of World War 2

This is obviously a type of subject that involves multiple theories and possibilities. It is somewhat interesting that the UFO sightings greatly increased during the World War 2 time era, even though there is no doubt to me that they have been around much longer than that. However, this begs the question: Why so many UFOs all of a sudden? I found a pretty good page (partial list) that shows the rate of increase that I'm talking about, here:

Anyway, what's your theory? Could it simply be that we finally had the advanced technology that allowed us to spot such things more efficiently? Sort of like what was mentioned on this page:
I would say that a mere population increase would have something to do with it, but not within that short time span of a few years, in which the UFO boom occurred. Could it be that the extraterrestrials were aware about the upcoming nuclear powers and stuff like the development of our first atomic bomb? Was it simply an increase in the man-made flying saucers that were often labelled "foo fighters," as described here:

No matter what the reason may be, it still seems unclear to me. Since many of us believe that we have been visited all down through the history of mankind, it does make one curious if our irresponsible ways and the violent behavior of mankind mixed with advanced technology, has heightened the concerns of otherworldly beings from another planet. Yeah, sort of like the classic plots from some of the old science fiction flicks; cheers!

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