Sunday, March 8, 2015

Power Windows vs. Roll-Up

Original Post Date:  December 14, 2013
I guess I'm an oddball about this subject because I've never liked vehicles with power windows. Yeah, I know, I'm screwed because almost every car/truck/SUV has them now. I should probably rephrase my first sentence, as I actually like power windows when they work, but I don't like the repair costs and the aggravation that often comes with 'em! I miss the old-fashioned roll-up windows!

I think every vehicle that I have ever owned, has had at least some type of problem that involved power windows. Either one side doesn't work, it hangs up, gets off track or only works periodically, the motors burns up, etc. Back when vehicles used to always have the roll-up windows installed, I never heard of such mechanical debacles! Well, I say that not by experience, since I've never owned one that had manual windows, but I've known a few people that did.

What is the deal anyway? Oh, don't answer that. I understand that most people enjoy the convenience of not having to exert their self any more than they have to. A lot of the humanoids like automatic doors, too. In public, I also like automatic doors because that is one less nasty door knob to touch. But still, when it comes to my own vehicle, I have no problem rolling up or down, the freakin' window. The sad part is, it would probably cost more to get that installed, but I don't really know.

Anyway, I'm just jovial "as all get out" right now because I'm going to have to put a few inches of plastic on my car window later, because the dang thing will only go up 85% of the way! If I get mad, I may just break the whole window out and get an all-metal interior installed. Wait a minute, it is winter time right now. Cancel that last notion! LOL!

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