Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cooking with Yardlong (Snake) Beans

First of all, I'm not exactly sure what to call these freaky beans. Some people simply call them yardlong beans while others may refer to this legume as asparagus beans, snake beans, long-podded cowpeas, Chinese long beans, and so on.
Actually, they are not really a yard long, but they are really long green beans nonetheless! When I first seen them, I thought of little garter snakes; ha! A friend of mine that owns a grocery store gave me a few the other day, since some guy offered him a bunch of them for free (just a small sample for cooking purposes in hopes to sell in bundles, I'm assuming).
At any rate, I cut them into normal-sized pieces and cooked them just like I would fresh-picked green beans. So, what is the big deal? Nothing, really. They are good, like green beans, so I guess what makes them so interesting is the way they grow and the size they are. You can read more about that, here:

Image Credit: My own photo.

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  1. When it comes to growing and cooking or preserving green beans, I prefer to go with the 'stringless' Contender Bush Beans. They don't need staking and/or growing support as they simply grow into compact bushes, and they are really tasty nor do they need to be cut into a bunch of pieces like the Yardlong / Snake Beans do; cheers!