Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are Twins more likely to have ESP or a 6th Sense?

This is an interesting subject that I recently stumbled upon the other day while watching some old shows from Unsolved Mysteries. This particular episode was about a few studies that involved two separate sets of twins that had some very peculiar things happen to them. The amazing personality similarities (even though they were from two totally different environments) and shared bouts of pain from one set and the apparent psychic abilities (6th sense and/or ESP) another set of twins had, were both remarkable.

As for the 'shared pain' concept: For example, if one twin was at a dentist office and had a tooth drilled, the other twin might suddenly get a sharp pain in their tooth. If one suffered from a muscle injury, the other would suddenly have a simultaneous twinge in the same area, and so on.

I went online to see if I could find more information about the subject and it seems that there have been numerous cases of this, including some that had their life saved because of it. Now, one could say that ESP (extrasensory perception) can happen to anybody, and that it's just a coincidence that certain twins possess this ability, but are they more likely to have a 6th sense? Normally I would write in more detail about an interesting subject like this, but since I have never studied this before, I'll just drop down some related links, in a moment.

If I had to make my conjecture, I would definitely say that twins are more likely to have special telepathic and psychic abilities, especially since they were born together. But unlike a lot of cases involving ESP, their 6th sense seems to primarily involve each other and not anybody else. Hmm...

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