Sunday, March 8, 2015

Will parapsychology eventually become more accepted?

Well, I was going to write about some age-old paranormal topics featuring telekinesis and/or psychokinesis today, but decided to do a quick post about parapsychology, instead. Most people classify parapsychology as a pseudoscience, since it involves the study of paranormal and psychic phenomena. On the other hand, the followers of this level of education would rather call it "science of the paranormal." With that being said, it was interesting to search for real schools that actually consider this to be worthy of study. I couldn't find very many universities (I seen 3 listed) in the U.S. that offer paranormal studies, and there is no degrees in the United States available in parapsychology, going by what I read albeit I didn't look or search very hard.

If for some bizarre reason you are seeking such things, just perform an online search using some keywords similar to "What Schools Offer a Degree in Parapsychology?" or "Who Teaches Parapsychology?" and so on. There is an online course (it isn't free) for the boogy-boogy fanatics out there, located here:

Anyway, after reading more about this anomalous topic, it makes me wonder if it will slowly start becoming more accepted as time marches on. Think about it... A booming population equals more people and anytime you have more humans involved, there is bound to be additional paranormal - whether it's actually real or mostly make-believe baloney, it doesn't matter. Many of the subjects that parapsychology delves into is quite interesting, to say the least. Stuff like: psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, near-death experiences (NDEs), out-of-body experiences, ESP, reincarnation and loads of other paranormal and supernatural subjects. Hey, they may also use Ghost Meters as well... Boo!

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