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Paradigm Conflicts with Zero Point Energy

ZPE is known to cause cognitive disruptions...

This blog post is more or less an extension of a previous one I wrote a while back. If you haven't read the first one yet and you're somewhat interested in this type of subject, you may want to go there, first: ZPE - Limitless (free) energy embedded in the fabric of space?

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of conflicts involved with various scientific paradigms when it comes to Zero Point Energy. Many of these fall into certain camps/groups, while others simply reject the notion of ZPE regardless of what any experimental projects claim and/or how exciting the progress may sound, simply because they were taught that the vacuum is an empty void and/or that space doesn't exist. Below, I'll list 7 common, conflicting Paradigm Groups concerning ZPE:

1) Quantum physics is bunk and quantum events can be explained in an archaic fashion, oops, I mean classically using self-fields.

2) The theory of Relativity is bogus, and a material-like ether exists.

3) Quantum physics is legit, but Zero Point Energy is a theoretical artifact and is not even real; ZPE is merely fantasy.

4) Zero Point Energy is real, but it's simply so minuscule that it could never be used as an effective source of energy.

5) The ZPE (vacuum energy) physically manifests large energetic fluctuations, but they cannot be tapped because of entropy - which makes coherence unlikely because the fluctuations are random and chaotic.

6) The Zero Point Energy is a manifestation of chaos in an open nonlinear system. Under certain conditions it can exhibit self-organization and therefore become available as a source.

7) The ZPE is a 3D (three dimensional) manifestation of electric flux from a physically real, 4th dimension of space. It can be twisted into our 3D space yielding alterations in the space-time metric. It can be tapped as a source, and doing so locally alters gravity, inertia and the pace of time.

Quick Summary of the Paradigm Camps

Groups 1 and 2, as listed above, are generally what I refer to as the "archaic beliefs." They try to model, sculpt and describe all physical phenomena at the classical level. They have a hard time trying to explain how particles born from the same quantum event remain strongly correlated even when separated, and it is always entertaining to hear their desperate attempts at trying to prove that quantum mechanics is nothing more than religious drivel; ha-ha! They need complex ether models instead, but it's also hard for them to describe those without sounding similar to the ZPE camp #7.

By what I've read, most of the Western academics fall somewhere around groups 3, 4 and 5. I can understand this, since we, well, are having a hard time understanding the source we need to be tapping into. Knowing something is there is not hardly good enough, if you can't figure out how to harness such energy to begin with. Those are just a few more reasons why more experiments need to be made and suppression needs to stop. I say that because there have supposedly been several "free energy" inventions that have been suppressed albeit this all starts sounding like just another conspiracy theory after a while. LOL! Okay, let's move past the jokes...

Interestingly enough, the Soviet Union, for example, has a definite interest in #6 and #7, according to the book "Quest for Zero Point Energy," by Moray B. King. Of course, they are not the only ones, but that was used for contrast, since I just mentioned Western academia prior to that. The Soviet Union have also experimentally investigated torsion fields concerning this subject, as well. The point is, many people are taking this subject very seriously and it's actually not a laughing matter for some.

Many of you should know, back when Hitler was in power, the Germans did all kinds of wild scientific experiments and invented a lot of stuff during that time frame of desperate measures. There is no telling how much lost technology from the German scientists there really was. The point of that statement is that when things are taken seriously and are thoroughly researched and experimented on without constant paradigm conflicts at hand, things will often move much quicker. I'm not saying that we haven't had enough time to figure this out albeit I'm saying that Zero Point Energy is a bit more complicated than harnessing enough electricity for a light bulb to work; duh!

Proof for Vacuum Energy

Since this page can get rather long, in a hurry, I thought I would cover the vacuum-energy subject in a more efficient manner. Basically, if you are still living in a cave somewhere but have access to the Internet while not only believing that space is void, but also that vacuum energy (ZPE) doesn't exist, then you may want to read the excerpt below and then follow the source link provided:

"At least the existence of vacuum-energy is beyond dispute, so that it should be possible to verify this energy in the laboratory. Two possible ways to this proof have been developed, namely for a metallic rotor in the electrostatic field and for a superconducting rotor in the magnetic field. Since the work presented here is based on the first mentioned method, this one is briefly recapitulated in the following lines." To read more and to determine the quality of the proof, go here:

http://philica.com/display_article.php?article_id=155 [This link is unfortunately no longer active]

Now, when concerning a lot of the supposedly suppressed "free energy" inventions, they do seem to often have one thing in common, which is charge clusters. Each cluster is a micron-sized charged plasmoid resembling ball lightning that coheres the ZPE to yield excess energy. However, it would be nice if we could better understand the nature of the charge cluster itself. *sigh* If you ever hear people speak about EV (electrum validum), that is what they are talking about.


I was going to get into geometrodynamics, vortex filaments, torsion fields, etc., and the fractoemission hypothesis, but hopefully this post will gather those types of discussions later on, in the comment field below. Honestly, I'm tired of writing about this crap. I'm primarily writing this article to act as a platform for open discussion, NOT arguments, conflicts or drama or controversy, like my original ZPE article slowly started turning into, within its own comment field. Yeah, that means that I probably will have to exclude myself from most future conversations about this particular topic. LOL!

Personally, this subject (Zero Point Energy) will most likely never affect my life. It is interesting but time consuming. If you'd like to spend a lot of time studying this subject matter and/or if you enjoy the common scientific paradigm wars that it often leads to, then by all means, have fun! I don't know how involved I will be in the comment field, as I'd rather just let y'all go back and forth. I will be approving all comments manually for this post and I will be deleting anything spammy and inane. Insults are fine if they are speckled with humor, creativity, intelligence and substance.

At any vacuous rate, if you have an opinion on this subject, feel free to share although you may find yourself talking to your, uh, self. For the vast majority, this is not a very engaging subject.

My primary comment: I think ZPE technology is possible, but it will be a stretch for regular (non-extraterrestrial) Earth people to effectively achieve, at least anytime soon. I hope that if Zero Point Energy is ever attainable for the Homo sapiens to use as an energy source, that it will be used in a productive, beneficial way for mankind. Okay, back to my time machine. Vroom...

---End of Post "Paradigm Conflicts with Zero Point Energy"

Since I originally written this post on another website, I will go ahead and attach a few of the comments it garnered from that site, but will leave out the inane and/or empty ones since there is no point in adding them back here...

Previous Comment Field:

Commentator #1: 
According to my research, the reason for Tesla's disappearance was due to his break through in this particular field however since I enjoy all things Hollow I have read that he wasn't put on ice by The Powers That Be (TPTB) but resides in Hollow Earth as VIP guest.
What I read was that he did invent a ZPE device and even tried to go public with it, for the benefit of mankind, but that is when TPTB attempted to eliminate him and he was then whisked away by the Hollow Earth boys.
I for one believe that ZPE is not only possible but has been achieved more than once by a few inventors but since it doesn't fit into the greed paradigm it doesn't see the light of day here on the surface of this planet.
After all it is kind of hard to make any money on a light bulb that last forever!

My Reply:
I thought Tesla lived a long time and died at age 86. However, I always meant to study some of his works. He was another one that was suppressed and way ahead of his time. They have some really cool-looking books over this subject matter like "The Tesla Papers" that covers free energy and wireless transmission of power, anti-gravity, and many other possible inventions from him.
I agree, I think the power of greed and corruption are the primary reasons why stuff like Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion experiments have such a hard time making progress.

Commentator #2:
So, according to quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement, some poor sap on some other planet is writing about nth point energy and wondering how to count that high. Sigh. It's all a conspiracy to discredit Tesla, poor fellow.

My Reply:
I have no idea what you just said or even what you meant by that comment, but Zero Point Energy and the paradigm conflicts therein, are anything but a conspiracy. It involves massive amounts of energetic ignorance, though.

Commentator #2:
When it comes to ZPE, who DOES know what they are talking about? I would want to buy some stock in that company

My Reply:
Loads of people, evidently. The existence of vacuum energy is obviously real. I even provided a link on this post to demonstrate such things. Learning how to effectively harness and channel it, is an entirely different subject, and one that won't be listed on the Stock Market for obvious reasons. Yeah, I'd like to see ZPE listed right alongside GE in the business section. LOL!

Commentator #1:
I suspect when Full Disclosure finally happens (hopefully within our lifetimes) we will be re-introduced (see Tesla) to Zero Point Energy and our energy concerns will become a thing of the past.
I'm a little surprised that you haven't had more inane drivel comments on this page but perhaps no one is willing to show their lack of intellectual prowess.

My Reply:
Speaking of full disclosure, have you read the book "Secret Journey to Planet Serpo" before? It is a documentation about a top-secret U.S. government program, aliens, technology, etc. It supposed to be based on a true story, although I'm sure it's still laced with misinformation and inaccurate data. However, it sounds like an awesome read, nonetheless.
I brought that book up because it also mentions the vast differences in the chemistry and physics these Earth people are aware of, when compared to the advanced extraterrestrials (something we should already know, but evidently the majority still thinks energy sources are confined to crude methods). Anyway, it would be nice to see Zero Point Energy re-introduced, as you say.

Commentator #3:
According to NASA, there is enough energy in one cup of coffee to boil away all of Earth's oceans!

Here's a little quote from that NASA page, which contains information that actually surprised me quite a lot:

"1996 Eberlein: Theory suggesting that the laboratory observed effect of sonoluminescence is extraction of virtual photons from the electromagnetic zero point fluctuations.

1994 Alcubierre: Theory for a faster-than-light "warp drive" consistent with general relativity.

1994 Haisch, Rueda, and Puthoff: Theory suggesting that inertia is a consequential effect of the vacuum electromagnetic zero point fluctuations.

1992 Podkletnov and Nieminen: Report of superconductor experiments with anomalous results -- evidence of a possible gravity shielding effect.

1989 Puthoff: Theory extending Sakharov’s 1968 work to suggest that gravity is a consequential effect of the vacuum electromagnetic zero point fluctuations."

The dates are intriguing to say the least!

My Reply:
I've heard of that before, somewhere, but didn't have a resource for that statement. Thanks for adding some interesting info into the mix. I think more and more people (the ones with at least half a hominid brain) are starting to accept the fact that vacuum energy exists. Now, if we could just get an approved extraction device for ZPE, to get the ball rolling again without mad suppression...

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