Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sci-Fi Style Car - ETV

I just read a short article about some new custom-made, sci-fi style car that was called an ETV. Well, we got RVs, SUVs, and automobiles with TVs, so why not add ETV into the mix? They call it that because it stands for "Extra Terrestrial Vehicle." I was hoping that I'd be impressed, but all expectations fell short when I seen the pictures, watched the test-drive video, and read about the massive price tag this car has. This space-age vehicle suppose to be some type of conglomeration from multiple vehicles, going by what the custom builder Mike Vetter said. Well, to me, it definitely looks like a conglomeration alright, one that unites a bunch of space turds and random chunks of delicate alloys; ha-ha!

Sure, it has 270 horsepower with a tiny supercharged 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine that supposed to get close to 26 miles per gallon, but that's definitely not worth $100,000 dollars to me! Plus, the thing is a manual. I prefer an automatic because, well, I prefer an automatic. But the wrongness doesn't stop here, when concerning this outrageous price tag. The thing is so low to the ground, it would probably get stuck on freakin' speed bumps and encounter damage from little rocks in the road. During the video, it seemed to bottom-out while making a simple turn. Say what? I'd hate to be in this vehicle if I had to drive on back-wooded country roads. Plus, who is going to help you when you get stuck, while driving that? I can see a group of rednecks driving by laughing, throwing beers cans at the vehicle and yelling out: "Ha, ha! Look at the little rich space boy all stuck in the ditch with his sissy ETV!" Either way, some of y'all may like that car, but it is not for me!

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  1. Personally I don't like the damn thing. It looks more like a stupid shoe or something. I mean, how in the hell is this style of a car gonna be good for driving on anything but absolutely level ground with no rock, pebbles or pot holes in the road etc. I think you would total this ETV out by running over a dead squirrel for god's sake.

  2. I agree. This is an insult to the whole notion of having a so-called "sci-fi style car." What's next? Does the road end with the ETV? Will flying cars really be next? LOL! At any rate, thanks for crashing into this post with your verbal vehicle; ha!