Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Oceans, Seas, Gulfs and Bays

This is such a fun topic, yet many people don't think about the word play involved between these bodies of water. Why is it, people are often "lost at sea," but you never hear "lost at ocean"? Do you eat ocean food or seafood? Ha! How about song lyrics like "sea to shining sea" or "traveled the world and the 7 seas"? Is there something wrong with our ocean? Oops, I said 'ocean' when there is suppose to be 4 of them. Technically, the planet has one giant ocean, but we have divided them into the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and the Arctic Ocean. The Earth is composed of about 72% water and roughly 99% of that is saltwater.

When it comes to the seas, we have 7 major seas, but obviously there are more than that. A Bay is simply a large indentation into the land formed by the sea. If that sounds confusing enough, gulfs are even bigger than bays, as they are large inlets of the ocean (or sea; whatever!) surrounded by land or gulfs could also be an inlet that deeply penetrates any land mass. Ain't this cool? Well, I'm parking this post in the gulf and putting this topic at bay because I'm lost at sea while looking for the best ocean. LOL!

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