Friday, July 3, 2015

Freaky Creature - Aye-Aye

No, I'm not talking about the typical Naval response, such as: "Aye aye, Captain!" This quick post is about the freaky creature known as the Aye-Aye. It is a nocturnal lemur, which is related to a monkey albeit I've never seen a primate look like this! It looks more like a genetically altered rodent with rabies, if ya ask me. Ha! Anyway, the image above should do most of the talking...

Unfortunately, this not-so-attractive animal is on the "near threatened species" list. The main reason it's on such a list, is due to silly superstitions and local folklore. Yes, some folks think that this critter is the harbinger of evil and a symbol of death per ancient Malagasy legend. Within such folklore, lies the reason why it is often killed on sight. Some people believe that if the Aye-Aye points at them, they are destined for death in a very timely fashion or if they see one in their town or village, somebody will die soon. I mean, how ridiculous can some of these beliefs get? I think the poor creature is getting penalized just for looking freaky. Dang, some people are crazy... LOL! Anyway, enjoy the image shown above. It should give you that warm, fuzzy feeling like, "oh, how cute; can I pet it?" Hey, I would've posted this in the 'beauty category' to see what type of responses I'd get, that is, if I actually had blogging categories on here... Ha!

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