Friday, July 3, 2015

Radiation is Everywhere - Common Sources

As if we don't have enough problems with pollution, food additives, chemicals and increasing cancer rates, radiation radiates from the background like a glowing inferno of death. I've known about this for a long while, but after skimming over some old posts that I wrote a few years ago on other sites, it was a good reminder to run across this subject. The primary "common sources" are simple stuff like wireless technology/cell phones, televisions, fluorescent lights, computers, etc., tobacco (as if the tar and smoke wasn't enough), security scans at the airport (I never fly in planes, just in my bedroom; thank god), microwaves (duh!), power lines, radon gas (which is also everywhere), dental & medical X-rays (I try to avoid them at all costs), cosmic radiation that hits earth (I'm not living in a cave), and so on.

I've even read about eating Brazil nuts being the highest radioactive food that you can consume and whatnot. Good grief, what isn't radioactive? If it wasn't for radiation, we wouldn't be here, especially since we are people of the sun. Anyway, there are many nutrients out there that help protect us from such things, but I'm just saying that radiation is everywhere and it is not something new. Being in deep space is an uncommon radioactive event, not just when you fly on airliners, albeit you don't hear much about that - I wonder why? Yeah, for the people that are planning on going to planet Mars, don't be shocked when your fertility has been nullified during the process, just saying... Okay, so, who's going to join me for our next radioactive event? LOL!
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