Saturday, January 17, 2015

Can you imagine a society full of flying cars?

Can you imagine that?
With the potential drivers I see out there, this is hard to fathom for me, when concerning a society full of flying cars. The actual idea of flying cars is not that far-fetched, as we already have models that do just that, albeit they are not very impressive. I mean, cars with big wheels that look like airplanes with retractable wings, is hardly what I'd call a flying car.

Plus, we must raise money for each city that has these levitating contraptions for this to be possible, so we'll definitely need "flying cops" so they can fly us some tickets for our traffic violations, right? I'm still thinking of all the idiot drivers I see on the road today, as it would be horrific to see them in the air; ha-ha! My gawd! On second thought, this is not a good idea... If you have collisions in the air, you do realize that they will have to land somewhere, right? Well, I guess the house insurance rates will be one of the first things to go up after a few crash-landings occur from airborne lunatic drivers, I suppose. What about drunk drivers? Instead of a DUI will it be called an FUI (flying under the influence)? Anyway, I attached an image of the flying DeLorean from the movie "Back to the Future: Part 2."

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  1. LOL! This post was funny to read. At first I was thinking how this would be so freaking cool! I have thought about it before for several years actually but I didn't ponder over the stuff you mentioned here. OMG! Flying cops? Reckless drivers flying and crashing into houses? Idiotic drivers in the air? Holy crap!!! Maybe I can not imagine this after all, especially with this screwed up society that is so full of senseless acts of flying shitttt.. Hehehe

  2. Yeah, which is why I asked this relatively simple question to begin with: "Can you imagine a society full of flying cars?" Ha-ha!