Friday, July 3, 2015

Areas with the most Acid Rain in the U.S.

I used to hear more about acid rain, but I guess the world has so many issues going on at the same time, that it is hard for any certain one to stay in the spotlight. Anyway, acid rain is not limited to the U.S., of course, but I was curious about which areas in this country had the most. Oh, if you don't know, acid rain is an acidic precipitation of any form (rain, sleet, snow, fog, whatever), that is primarily produced by the release of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere. The main sources of such things are human pollution - like electrical power plants, industrial boilers, big smoke stacks, automobile emissions, and so on. Natural causes are from events like volcanic eruptions, for example.
The term 'acid rain' was first coined by an English chemist, way back in 1872. I had to look up what his name was: Robert Angus Smith
Anyway, if you are curious about this subject, feel free to go here:

I included an image for this post that shows a rough estimate of the levels of acid rain in the U.S., 4 years ago. Yep, the Northeast looks like the worst areas for this type of precipitation. Hey, you should have seen the one from 20 years ago! It was a bit worse, nationwide, believe it or not. Anyway, don't drink the rain water from certain areas unless you are really thirsty; ha!

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